The Last Piece (Clark)

The Last Piece (Clark)

This is the story of a woman who gets the chance to reconnect with the child she gave up for adoption 50 years ago. You really feel for the main character and at times truly don’t like her daughter. The other three daughters the main character has after giving up her first daughter all have issues of their own, which makes for interesting stories. It was confusing at first, when I didn’t realize it was set it England, and some of the things in the storyline are definitely British (e.g. “squash” is some kind of drink …), once I figured that out, things started to make much more sense. Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable read.

This book is currently not available at CRDL.

The Last Piece Book Cover The Last Piece
Clark, Imogen
Lake Union Publishing
July 28, 2020
Paperback, audiobook, eBook
400 pages

The chaotic but happy equilibrium of the Nightingale family is thrown into disarray when Cecily—whose children can’t remember her ever being remotely spontaneous—disappears to a Greek island with no warning or explanation.

Her reasons for doing something so out of character are a total mystery to her three daughters, high-powered executive Felicity, unfulfilled GP Julia and organised mother-of-five Lily. What connection could she possibly have with Kefalonia?

But Cecily has gone to continue a story she thought ended decades ago—one that could have a huge impact on her family. And when she returns, she’ll have to tell them the truth.

Will Cecily be able to hold her family together once she reveals her big secret? And might she discover that she’s not the only one with a story to tell?


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