99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne

99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne

**All quotes came from an uncorrected ARC and are subject to have changed

“So, good T-shirts can die and go to heaven.” I grin at his expression: dismay, surprise, disapproval, and flattery, all erased in one blink. I’m addicted.
“You’re still a teenage dirtbag.”
Prim with disapproval, he looks at his watch.
“And you’re still a hot grandpa.”

Is it weird that my first thought when I sat down to write this was “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE WHAT QUOTES I USE?!”? I can’t even tell you the number of lines I have highlighted, waiting to be chosen as the best of the best for this review (I’ll give you a hint—it’s too many). So just know, that for everyone one quote I add, there’s ten more in another document, waiting for you to read them and obsess over them just as I did.

Basically what I have discovered is that Sally Thorne’s writing is like crack. Even though this story and these characters were completely different than her previous book, it still gave me all of the best feelings. With romance, because I’ve read SO many, it’s not often that I come across one that makes me feel every single emotion that strongly and when I do it become an absolute treasure. I also feel the need to say that even though I don’t personally know Sally, that I just feel this strong sense of proud-ness for her for this book. I know she scrapped the book she initially planned on writing right after The Hating Game and then struggled with writer’s block for a long time but Sally, know that this book was absolutely 100% worth the wait (see what I did there?). I’m glad you took that extra time to write something because you loved the story and characters and that you didn’t force yourself to write a story that would never be what you wanted it to be. Reading about you getting your writing groove back on Twitter was a glorious thing to behold and I applaud you for that!

Anywaysss–this book is not just about Darcy Barrett and Tom Valeska, no, it’s also about her relationship with her twin brother Jamie, and the relationship that all three of them have together. It’s about Darcy’s weak heart and Patty the dog and the house that Darcy’s grandmother left her and her brother to fix and flip and Truly’s underwear business. All of these things are interconnected because Darcy and Tom’s lives have been interconnected from the very first day Jamie brought him over to their house when they were kids. Everyone went on such a journey during this book and I was especially proud of the transformation that the twins went through from the beginning to the end of the book.

Even though the book is about all of those things, the main focus is obviously on Darcy and Tom. O. M. G. Can we just talk about how delicious the tension between them was? I could barely handle it. I honestly don’t want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil anything about the book at all, just know that I was in love with both of them and I loved this entire book so much. If you enjoyed The Hating Game you’ll probably love this one, too. **Disclaimer: Just a reminder that this a COMPLETELY different book than The Hating Game! I know it can be easy to compare sophomore books to their predecessors, especially when the first is so widely loved BUT that can lead to disappointment….this book is its own brand of awesome and should be judged on it’s own, quirky scale. 

“No one else is kissing your anymore,” he tells me in a conversational hush, not breaking our contact. “Your mouth is mine.”

99 Percent Mine Book Cover 99 Percent Mine
Sally Thorne
Contemporary Romance
William Morrow Paperbacks
January 29th, 2019

Crush: a strong and often short-lived infatuation, particularly for someone beyond your reach…

Darcy Barrett has undertaken a global survey of men. She’s travelled the world, and can categorically say that no one measures up to Tom Valeska, whose only flaw is that Darcy’s twin brother Jamie saw him first and claimed him forever as his best friend. Despite Darcy’s best efforts, Tom’s off limits and loyal to her brother, 99%. That’s the problem with finding her dream man at age eight and peaking in her photography career at age twenty—ever since, she’s had to learn to settle for good enough.

When Darcy and Jamie inherit a tumble-down cottage from their grandmother, they’re left with strict instructions to bring it back to its former glory and sell the property. Darcy plans to be in an aisle seat halfway across the ocean as soon as the renovations start, but before she can cut and run, she finds a familiar face on her porch: house-flipper extraordinaire Tom’s arrived, he’s bearing power tools, and he’s single for the first time in almost a decade.

Suddenly Darcy’s considering sticking around to make sure her twin doesn’t ruin the cottage’s inherent magic with his penchant for grey and chrome. She’s definitely not staying because of her new business partner’s tight t-shirts, or that perfect face that's inspiring her to pick up her camera again. Soon sparks are flying—and it’s not the faulty wiring. It turns out one percent of Tom’s heart might not be enough for Darcy anymore. This time around, she’s switching things up. She’s going to make Tom Valeska 99 percent hers.

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