Kids Reading Challenge 2019

Kids Reading Challenge 2019

This year we’ve come up with a list of challenges to help children get out of their reading bubble and get a hold of some new and challenging titles. I wanted to post our list here, along with some book recommendations for each challenge. Make sure to stop into the library to get a bookmark of this list so you can check of challenges as you read them!

1) Read a book about Michigan.

2) Read a science fiction story with a girl as the main character.

3) Read a book with a cover you hate.

This ones up to your personal taste, but here are a few books we think are great, but have ugly covers:

4) Read a book published the year you were born.

for more books and dates,  check out this list by publisher’s weekly just enter your year and book genre to find a list of recommended books.

5) Read a book written from the point-of-view of an animal.

6) Read a book that won an award.

7) Read a book that one of your friends is currently reading.

You’ll have to check with your friends to complete this challenge! In the meantime,  are what some of your friends here at the library are reading:

8) Read a book with pictures in it!

9) Read a book set in or about Brazil, Russia, India, China, or South Africa.

10) Read a book of Poetry.

11) Read a mystery book.

12) Read a nonfiction book about your favorite topic.


13) Read a book older than your grandparents.

14) Read a book written by a Native American author.

15) Read a book about nature. For an extra challenge- try reading this book outside!

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