Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction

Many people think Christian Fiction is a genre full of Amish stories and historical romances, but the genre has grown by leaps and bounds and is so much more.  The Christian Fiction genre includes something for just about everyone these days, it’s just a matter of matching up your tastes with the correct author.  Many authors who write in the Christian Fiction genre write in series, but there are also many books that stand alone, and many times books that are written as part of a series can be read without reading the entire series or without reading the series in order.

I’d say that 90% of what I read is Christian Fiction and yet, even I was stumped a bit the other day when a patron came to the desk wanting Christian Fiction … but not historical, not Amish and not romance.  That led me to this blog post.  If I, an avid reader of Christian Fiction was having a hard time coming up with author names for this patron, I thought the other librarians and library patrons might be interested in having a reference as to which authors tend to write in which sub-genres.  I’ve attempted to put together a guide and will try to update it as I find new authors.  Please keep in mind that many authors don’t write in just one sub-genre — I’ve tried to list them in all the places they fit.  Also keep in mind that many, if not most Christian Fiction stories do have some presence of a romance story within them.  There are admittedly some that are definitely a romance story, then others that are more a story that happens to have characters who fall in love by the end of the book.  I think this is partially what threw me when the patron I was trying to assist said no romance.  I have yet to read any of the books below that fall into the “Suspense & Intrigue” category, but after reading several of their descriptions I tend to think even those have a bit of romance in them …

I hope this list will help patrons and librarians alike find some Christian Fiction authors they enjoy reading.  If you know of any authors I have failed to list here, please let me know … I’m always looking forward to meeting my next “new favorite author”!

Amish | Biblical | Contemporary | Fantasy/Science Fiction | Historical Fiction
Mystery/Horror | Suspense/Intrigue | Romance | Other | Western | Nonfiction

*indicates that titles by this author are available within the Chippewa River District Library System.  Other authors may be available through MeLCat.  Please see one of our librarians at our Help Desk to find books from either source.  We are always more than happy to help you!

**indicates that titles by this author are available through our Overdrive/Libby or Hoopla collections.



  • Brunstetter, Wanda E.*/**
  • Byler, Linda*/**
  • Chapman, Vannetta*/**
  • Clark, Mindy Starns*/**
  • Clipston, Amy*/**
  • Eicher, Jerry S.*/**
  • Fisher, Suzanne Woods*/**
  • Flower, Amanda**
  • Fuller, Kathleen*/**
  • Gould, Leslie*/**
  • Gray, Shelley Shepard*/**
  • Hilton, Laura V.*/**
  • Hostetler, Bob
  • Hubbard, Charlotte/King, Naomi C.*/**
  • Irvin, Kelly*/**
  • Lewis, Beverly*/**
  • Newport, Olivia*/**
  • Price, Samantha*/**
  • Reid, Ruth*/**
  • Wiseman, Beth*/**
  • Woodsmall, Cindy*/**
  • Andrews, Mesu*/**
  • Chaffey, Tim
  • Cossette, Connilyn**
  • Forasteros, JR**
  • Hunt, Angela*/**
  • Kitz, David**
  • Marasco, Ron*
  • Smith, Jill Eileen*/**
  • Taylor, Diana Wallis*/**



Fantasy & Science Fiction

  • Bunn, Davis*/**
  • Clipston, Amy*/**
  • Coble, Colleen*/**
  • Gohlke, Cathy*/**
  • Hatcher, Robin Lee*/**
  • Karon, Jan*/**
  • Kingsbury, Karen*/**
  • Moser, Nancy*/**
  • Rivers, Francine*/**
  • Snelling, Lauraine*/**
  • Sundin, Sarah*/**
  • LaHaye, Tim*/**
  • Jenkins, Jerry B.*/**
  • Wingate, Lisa*/**
  • Busse, Morgan L.
  • Dekker, Rachelle*/**
  • Gallier, Laura*/**
  • Hardy, Robin
  • Knight, Jaye L.*
  • Lewis, C.S.*/**
  • Locke, Thomas*/**
  • Markert, James*/**
  • Myers, Bill*/**
  • Prather, John
  • Rubart, James L.*/**


Historical Fiction


  • Austin, Lynn*/**
  • Coble, Colleen*/**
  • Dobson, Melanie*/**
  • Frantz, Laura*/**
  • Gabhart, Ann H.*/**
  • Gohlke, Cathy*/**
  • Green, Jocelyn*/**
  • Hatcher, Robin Lee*/**
  • Hedlund, Jody*/**
  • Joubert, Irma*/**
  • Kirkpatrick, Jane*/**
  • Klassen, Julie*/**
  • Mills, DiAnn*/**
  • Moser, Nancy*/**
  • Oke, Janette*/**
  • Peterson, Tracie*/**
  • Phillips, Michael*/**
  • Rivers, Francine*/**
  • Sawyer, Kim Vogel*/**
  • Snelling, Lauraine*/**
  • Sundin, Sarah*/**
  • Witemeyer, Karen*/**
  • White, Roseanna M.*/**
  • Peretti, Frank E.*

Suspense & Intrigue


  • Blackstock, Terri*/**
  • Bradley, Patricia*/**
  • Cantore, Janice*/**
  • Coble, Colleen*/**
  • Eason, Lynette*/**
  • Hannon, Irene*/**
  • Harris, Lisa*/**
  • Henderson, Dee*/**
  • Mills, DiAnn*/**
  • Parshall, Craig*/**
  • Pettrey, Dani*/**
  • Putman, Cara C.*
  • Rubart, James L.*/**
  • Sleeman, Susan*/**
  • Warren, Susan May*/**
  • Whitlow, Robert*/**
  • Wright, Jaime Jo*/**
  • Cahn, Jonathan*/**
  • Brendan, Maggie (historical)*/**
  • Camden, Elizabeth (historical)*/**
  • Denton, Lauren K. (contemporary)
  • Gist, Deeanne (historical)*/**
  • Hatcher, Robin Lee (historical and contemporary)*/**
  • Hauck, Rachel (contemporary)*/**
  • Hedlund, Jody (historical)*/**
  • Hunter, Kristi Ann (historical)*/**
  • Kingsbury, Karen (contemporary)*/**
  • Turansky, Carrie (historical and contemporary)*/**
  • Warren, Susan May*/**
  • Wick, Lori (historical and  contemporary)*/**



  • Hedlund, Jody – YA*/**
  • Snelling, Lauraine — YA*/**
  • Benton, Lori*/**
  • Connealy, Mary*/**
  • Gabhart, Ann H.*/**
  • Hatcher, Robin Lee*/**
  • Phillips, Michael*/**


  • Hostetler, Bob**
  • LaHaye, Tim*/**
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