The One & Only

The One & Only

Shea Rigsby is in her early thirties and is stuck in a dead end relationship with a man her friends describe as a loser.  She knows she doesn’t want to marry him, but she is comfortable working as a publicist/reporter in the athletic department for Walker College, a college in the small town of Walker, Texas where she is near her mother and her best friend, Lucy who happens to be the daughter of Walker’s legendary head coach, Clive Carr.  After Shea’s parents divorced, she spent much of her childhood with Lucy and her family.  She grew to love Walker College and football and had remained loyal to her team and the coach for more than a decade. But when Lucy’s Mom dies, she forms an even tighter bond with Coach Carr and begins to think she needs to makes some changes.  She breaks up with her ne’er-do-well boyfriend and begins dating the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Ryan, a former Walker football player.  What seems a glamorous relationship at first turns dark and she discovers just how much football and her friendships mean to her.  In the process Shea uncovers some secrets which test her faith in all she believes in and impact her most important relationships.

The One & Only is a thoughtful look at female friendships, family allegiances, and how small secrets can have big impact.  The audio book is engaging, but at times the writing provides too much detail that can slow the pace of the story.  It’s worth a listen/read if you like stories about people making tough decisions about their past and future and finding true love.

The One and Only Book Cover The One and Only
Emily Giffiin
General Fiction
Audio Book, Print, eBook

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