The Storms of War (Williams)

The Storms of War (Williams)

The Storms of War is a historical fiction novel about the ways WWI affects one family — a German family who has lived in England for many years.  The story shows the war from several different family member’s perspectives who all experience it in different ways.  I gave this book three stars …  I liked it ok, but there were a couple of times I actually considered putting it down and not finishing it.

The Storms of War Book Cover The Storms of War
Kate Williams
Historical Fiction
Pegasus Books
July 3, 2014

In the idyllic early summer of 1914, life is good for the de Witt family. Rudolf and Verena are planning the wedding of their daughter, Emmeline, while their eldest son Arthur is studying in Paris and Michael is just back from his first term at Cambridge. Celia, the youngest of the de Witt children, is on the brink of adulthood, and secretly dreams of escaping her carefully mapped out future and exploring the world.

But the onslaught of war changes everything and soon the de Witts find themselves sidelined and in danger of losing everything they hold dear. As Celia struggles to make sense of the changing world around her, she lies about her age to join the war effort and finds herself embroiled in a complex plot that puts her and those she loves in danger.

With gripping detail and brilliant empathy, Kate Williams tells the story of Celia and her family as they are shunned by a society that previously embraced them, torn apart by sorrow, and buffeted and changed by the storms of war.

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